Location:  PSB, Room 101C

Contact Person for problems or questions: Teresa Beckvold (Room 101B, 5-8382) or Jeff Bowman (Room 101D, 5-8383).

The Ricoh Copier/Printer/Scanner in PSB, Room 101C, is available for IBC work-related use only.  It is not to be used for making copies, printing, or scanning of personal items, or dissertations, theses, class notes, etc. for school purposes.  The copier/printer makes 50 copies per minute, duplexes, sorts, staples, and enlarges or reduces as needed.  For large jobs requiring more than 100 sheets of paper, please use the Copy Center (Three locations:  Cooper Publications, French Administration, and the CUB).  To use the copier for small jobs, you need a copier code, which is available from your Principal Investigator.  To use the scanner, you will need to type in your email address manually (unless your email is stored in the scanner).  If you need help with the scanner, please ask Jeff or Teresa.

The User’s Manual is located on the side of the copier.  Please ask a member of the Office Staff to demonstrate how the copier/printer/scanner should be operated.  Transparencies and various sized and colored papers are available.  (When using transparencies, please see Jeff or Teresa to complete the sign-out sheet located in the box.)

Some important points to remember when operating the copier

  1. To begin, type in your user code (see your P.I. if you do not have this code). Then set the machine for your job and press start.
  2. Originals should be placed face-up on the document feeder tray.
  3. When copying books, always close the lid as far as possible before starting.

Please Note:  If the copier jams, ask for assistance from the Office Staff.  Do not attempt to clear the jam yourself.  Also, if the copier needs toner or paper, please ask a staff member for assistance.