Mark Lange

Interim Director and Professor
Director, MJ Murdock Metabolomics Laboratory Service Center
Plant Sciences Building 101E
Email: lange-m@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-3412

– Specialized Metabolism
– Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
– Enzyme Structure-Function
– Mathematical Modeling

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Laura Bartley.

Laura Bartley

Associate Professor
Plant Sciences Building 273
Email: laura.bartley@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-7211

– Grass Cell Wall Biosynthesis
– Switchgrass and Other Biofuel Crops
– Cell Wall Remodeling During Lateral Root Formation

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Phile Bates.

Philip D. Bates

Associate Professor
Plant Sciences Building 243
Email: phil_bates@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-0533

– Lipid Metabolism
– Metabolic Flux
– Radioisotopic Tracer Studies
– Plant Oil Engineering for Nutrition, Chemical Feedstocks, and Biofuels

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John Browse

Emeritus Faculty
Email: jab@wsu.edu

– Lipid and Membrane Biochemistry
– Pathway Engineering
– Jasmonate Hormone Signaling
– Chilling and Freezing Tolerance in Plants

John R. Cort

WSU-PNNL Joint Appointment, Research
Associate Professor
Email: john.cort@pnnl.gov
Phone: 509-371-6334

– Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
– Biopolymer Structure and Function
– Metabolomics

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David R. Gang

Professor; Director, CCPRO; Director, TIMPL
Plant Sciences Building 111B
Email: gangd@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-0550

– Evolution of Specialized Metabolism
– Application of Omics Tools to Investigate Specialized Cell Types and Structures

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Paul S. Hwang

Assistant Research Professor
Plant Sciences Building 353
Email: hwangs@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-1090

– Plant Genome Editing
– Metabolic Engineering of Starch for Enhanced Plant Productivity and Yield
– Subcellular mRNA Localization in Higher Plants

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Michael L. Kahn

Emeritus Faculty
Email: kahn@wsu.edu

– Symbiosis Between Nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium Bacteria and Legumes

Helmut Kirchhoff.

Helmut Kirchhoff

Coordinator, Phenomics Center
Plant Sciences Building 283
Email: kirchhh@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-3304

-Photosynthetic energy conversion in plants
– Architectural dynamics of photosynthetic membranes
– Holistic understanding of biomembrane function
– Stress response of photosynthesis

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Norman Lewis

Regent’s Professor
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
The Arthur M. and Kate Eisig-Tode Distinguished Professor
Clark Hall 467A
Email: lewis@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-2682

– Biochemistry of Dirigent Proteins
– Biochemistry of Lignified Cell Walls
– Effect of Gravity on Plant Metabolic Pathways

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Mary Lipton

WSU-PNNL Joint Appointment
Research Professor
Email: mary.lipton@pnnl.gov
Phone: 509-371-6859

– Proteomics
– Microbially Mediated Bioenergy Production, Bioremediation, and Carbon Sequestration

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Thomas W. Okita

Regent’s Professor
Plant Sciences Building 361
Email: okita@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-3391

– Biosynthesis
– Metabolic Engineering of Plants for Increased Productivity
– mRNA Localization and Role of Cytoskeleton and Endoplasmic Reticulum

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Matthew Peck

Scholarly Assistant Professor
Plant Sciences Building
E-mail: matthew.peck@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-3864

– Curriculum Development, IBC
– Program Administration, NIH Biotechnology Training Program

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Simone Raugei

WSU-PNNL Joint Appointment
Research Professor
Email: simone.raugei@pnnl.gov
Phone: 509-372-6902

– Enzyme Catalysis
– Enzyme Biophysics
– Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Sanja Roje.

Sanja Roje

Associate Professor
Plant Sciences Building 381
Email: sanja@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-371-3008

– Flavin Biosynthesis and Role in Symbiotic Interactions
– Folate Metabolism and Relationship to Photosynthesis and Photorespiration

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Andrei Smertenko

Associate Professor
Plant Sciences Building 281
Email: andrei.smertenko@wsu.edu
Phone: 509-335-5795

– Mechanisms of Plant Drought Tolerance
– Cambium Proliferation and Secondary Growth
– Cytokinesis and Microtubule Dynamics

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Narayanan Srividya

Assistant Research Professor
Plant Sciences Building 111A
Email: narayanan.srividya@wsu.edu

– Structure-Function Analysis of Terpene Synthases
– Biochemistry of Terpenoid Functionalization Enzymes
– Determinants of Specificity in Acyl Activating Enzymes
– Architecture of Photosynthetic Membranes
– Dynamics of the Photosynthetic Apparatus under Changing Environments
– Regulation of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting 

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