Building Maintenance

When there is a need for a repair (replace light bulbs, water leak, clogged drain, etc.), please call Jeff Bowman (5-8383) or leave a message in his mailbox as soon as possible. In your message, include your name, the location of the problem, and what needs to be done. He will contact Facilities Operations to submit a work order to have the repair made. If you want lab personnel present during repairs, please note that. When deionized water runs out, notify Facilities Operations (5-9000).

Water Hazards

Please report any leaks to Jeff Bowman (5-8383) or Ron Nugen (5-2333) immediately. It is essential that you do not leave running water in cooling baths, rinse baths, condensers, etc. unattended for long periods of time. Please anticipate potential problems (clogged sinks, worn tubing, etc.) in these applications.