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Institute of Biological Chemistry

The Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC) is a leader in basic plant biology research and education with a strong focus on biochemistry, biophysics, and cell biology. IBC’s mission is to make and translate fundamental discoveries in plant sciences to improve human life and environmental resilience of crop plants, while training the next generation of molecular plant science researchers.
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Featured News

IBC faculty Professor Mark Lange has accepted the IBC Director position. March 2024

IBC faculty, staff, and students celebrated several length-of-service milestones at the annual Holiday Party (from left to right): Phil Bates (10 years), Andrei Smertenko (10 years), Narayanan Srividya (15 years), and Sanja Roje (20 years) (not pictured: Robert Yarbrough, 15 years; Mark Lange (far left) presented certificates).
December 2023

IBC Awards presented at the annual Holiday Party: Lloyal and Helen Davis Award (Tana Rayburn, left), John and Maggie McDougall Scholarship (Tyler Chapman, second from left; Austin Alt, not pictured), Clarence “Bud” Ryan Scholarship (Joel Essien , third from left; Agasthya Chenna Prakash, second from left; Chun-Yeung Ng, not pictured), and the Charlotte Martin Postdoctoral Award (Prasad Parchuri).
December 2023

Dr. Helmut Kirchhoff was offered and accepted a Global Faculty position at the University of Cologne:
December 2023

Montana (Tana) Rayburn, graduate student, from the Roje Lab participated in the science communication hackathon at the annual ASPB’s Plant Biology 2023 Meeting.  Her and her team won First Prize! First prize is free registration and hotel stay at next year’s conference.
August 2023

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IBC faculty Laura Bartley becomes the Director of the Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program at WSU.
August 2023

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A consortium of WSU and U of Idaho researchers, led by IBC faculty Helmut Kirchhoff, received funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set up an advanced plant phenotyping facility (PhenoPlant).
August 2023

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IBC faculty Mark Lange received a Department of Energy grant for studying structure-function relationships in plant terpene synthases.
May 2023

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IBC faculty John Browse receives the Charles Reid Barnes Life Membership Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists.
May 2023

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IBC graduate student Jeremy Boutin (Lange laboratory) receives the Worthy, DePauw & Wang Service Leadership Award of the Graduate and Professional Student Association at WSU.
April 2023

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence

The Institute of Biological Chemistry is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and working environments for all students, staff, and faculty. We believe that access and opportunity to engage in education and research should not be limited by one’s origin, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic status, apparent and non-apparent disability, religious affiliation, immigration status, or political opinion. Unique perspectives and experiences are integral to advance our mission in and out of the laboratory. 

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