Tissue Culture Room

Location:  PSB, Room 214 and 216
Contact Person for Questions or Problems:  Tania Smertenko, Room 271, 5-3001

  1. In order to minimize the risk of contaminating cultures, it is very important to keep this area clean. In particular, the laminar flow hood should be kept free of unnecessary equipment and plates because these create eddy currents.  Always clear the laminar flow hood after use.
  2. Label all your plates, magenta boxes and flasks with your initials and laboratory. This will ensure that you can be contacted if there is a problem.
  3. Remove glassware, extra petri dishes, when you are finished. Remove the plates when you are finished with an experiment. Do not leave bags of plates in the room.  Take them out immediately.
  4. If you are leaving the room for more than a few minutes, clear up in case other people need to use the hood. Remove contaminated materials from the tissue culture room as soon as possible.

The tissue culture room should not be used for maintaining non-sterile plants (brought from the greenhouse, grown in soil, etc.).  All plant material in the tissue culture room must be labeled.