Meals / Hosting Guests

Contact Person: Jeff Bowman, PSB 101D, 5-8383, for reimbursements.

At times, IBC personnel are asked to host visitors, seminar speakers and prospective students for meal meetings.  When you are asked, please request a department purchasing card from either Jeff Bowman or Teresa Beckvold.  You cannot purchase alcohol with a department card. If you plan on having alcohol at a meal, use your own personal credit card for the meal and alcohol. If you use Jeff or Teresa’s purchasing card, submit your receipt to Jeff or Teresa who will complete the reimbursement paperwork.  If you use your own purchasing card, submit your receipt through Workday. Contact Teresa or Jeff for instructions on how to submit through Workday. The University will mail you a check.  This process may take 4 to 6 weeks. In all cases, whether a purchase card or reimbursement method is used, an itemized receipt is required.

Employees and guests are allowed reimbursement per per diem in that location ( for meals.

Expenditures in excess of per diem should be preapproved by your supervisor.   In general, department development funds will not be routinely used to finance excess meal expenses.