Clark Hall and PSB do NOT have fire drills.  Therefore, if the fire alarm rings, assume there is a fire and leave the building using the closest exit.

  1. Be sure to shut off any equipment that is in use in the lab if it can be done safely and quickly.
  2. Close the laboratory door when you leave.
  3. DO NOT use the elevator when evacuating the building. Use the stairs.
  4. When outside, move away from the building and out of the road so that the emergency vehicles will not be hampered.

Fireboxes are located near both stairways.  If you find a fire that has not already set off the automatic alarm, report it via the firebox.  This will also signal the WSU Fire Department.

Fire Safety Notes

  1. The doors to the solvent and chemical storage rooms (Clark 163 and BLS 123 [PSB solvent room]) should be kept closed and locked at all times.
  2. Do not store flammable liquids in refrigerators or freezers.
  3. Internal fire doors should be closed, and nothing should block them on either side.