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Federal Express Shipments

Location:  PSB 101C

Contact Person for Questions or Problems:   Jeff Bowman, PSB 101D, 5-8383 or Teresa Beckvold, PSB 101B, 5-8382

Teresa Beckvold and Jeff Bowman handle all requests for shipments.  When you need to send a domestic FedEx package, send Teresa or Jeff an email by 10am in the morning making sure to provide the recipient’s name, address, email, phone number, what project to charge, and if it is being shipped on wet packs or dry ice.  When you need to send an international FedEx package, send Teresa or Jeff an email with the same information as for domestic plus what you are sending (e.g., plant samples), how many you are sending (e.g., 6 each), and if what you are sending is hazardous (usually on dry ice) or not.

FedEx supplies are located in PSB 101C. When you receive the FedEx label from either Teresa or Jeff, instructions will be sent to you on how to prepare your package and where to drop it off for pick up.