Cold Rooms / Walk-In Freezers

Location of Cold Rooms

Clark Hall 436
PSB 218, 226, 316, and 332

Cold Room Safety Notes

The Cold Rooms are normally kept at about 4°C (39°F). Wear warm outer clothing (sweater or jacket) when working in the Cold Rooms for a prolonged period. All work involving power supplies (electrophoresis, electroporation, etc.) must be performed with extreme caution. The cold room floors are metal and will conduct electricity. Use rubber insulating mats to avoid shocks.

Location of Walk-In Freezers

Clark Hall, inside Room 365, and Room 456B

Walk-in freezers are normally kept at -18°C (0°F), which is hazardous without appropriate clothing. The light switch to each room is set to trigger an alarm at 2 minutes past the moment it is turned on. If you hear the alarm, first check inside the freezer to make sure no one is occupying the freezer BEFORE you turn off the light switch. The alarm is a call for help in case someone is trapped in the freezer and is unable to leave.

Walk-In Freezer Safety Notes:

  1. Never Ignore the freezer alarm. Always check to see if someone inside the freezer needs your help.
  2. Never store items on the floor. Store materials only on your designated shelves.
  3. Do not store liquid nitrogen in the freezer; store it in your laboratory. The difference in the rate of evaporation at room temperature vs. sub-ambient is negligible.