Autoclave Room

Location:  Clark Hall, Room 449; PSB, Rooms B2, 212, and 312

Contact Person for Problems or Questions:  Ron Nugen, Room B7, 5-2333

All users of the autoclave must log in before using the equipment.  The log-in notebook is kept near the autoclave.  When logging in, include the following.

  1. Last name of user/ P.I.
  2. Laboratory of origin.
  3. Time in.
  4. Time out.
  5. Which autoclave is to be used.
  6. Comments about the operation of the equipment (i.e., difficulties, spills, mechanical problems, etc.)
  7. Report mechanical problems to the IBC’s Technical Engineer, Ron Nugen.

First-time users must be supervised and instructed in the use of the autoclave and dishwasher, and in the proper disposal of autoclave waste, by an experienced user.

All loads for the autoclave or dishwasher are to be delivered to the facility at the time scheduled for use (not before that time) and are to be removed from that facility promptly after sterilization or cleaning.  Items are not to be stored in the Autoclave Room at any time.

All items should be autoclaved in trays.  No items should be placed directly in front of the autoclaves.

The sink must be kept clean at all times.  Do not dump agar or gelled wastes in the sink, whether they are liquefied or not.

After autoclaving, trash (i.e., petri dishes, etc.) can only be autoclaved in the old autoclave and must be disposed of promptly (within 24 hours).  After removing the tray containing the trash and melted media from the autoclave, let it cool until the agar has solidified completely; then scrape it out into a garbage bag, and place it in the trash can provided. Please do not dump the agar into the sink or leave autoclaved garbage on the floor.

All spills must be cleaned up immediately, whether in the autoclave or the surrounding areas (floor, sink, ice-making machine, dishwasher).  Please use the mop and bucket in the Autoclave Room.  Be sure to rinse the mop and bucket when you are finished.  Notify your lab supervisor or Ron Nugen (Room B7) if you need help with a spill.  Be sure to follow the Accident Procedures if a major spill has occurred.

Autoclave Safety Notes

  1. Take extreme caution of the rising steam when opening the autoclave or dishwasher doors. Be aware of the possibility of burns by the autoclave interior, the escaping steam, and the autoclaved material itself.
  2. A face shield is provided in the Autoclave Room and should be worn when operating the autoclave. Protective gloves are also available and should be used when removing items from the autoclave.
  3. Use only sturdy trays for autoclaving items. Plastic trays tend to become soft when hot and create a safety hazard.