Specific Objectives

There are three sub-objectives addressing identification of the function of 248 Arabidopsis genes. The overall goal is to determine the precise physiological function of each of these (presumed) phenylpropanoid metabolic pathway genes and the corresponding homologues of interest. We will also map out fully their temporal and spatial patterns of expression, in order to identify and map out the metabolic networks operating in specific tissues and cell types for each stage of development of Arabidopsis life cycle. Knockouts and sense/antisense experiments, with metabolic profile analyses, will be conducted as needed, and each protein will be obtained in recombinant form in order to verify function.

The networks associated with phenylpropanoid coupling/polymerization systems, and how the enzymes/proteins function are organized in planta.

The networks associated with the conversion of phenylalanine into monolignols, and how the numerous segments of phenylpropanoid metabolism are expressed differentially, and how the corresponding enzyme/proteins function and are organized in planta.