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Mary S. Lipton

WSU-PNNL Joint Appointment
Research Professor

Ph.D. 1993, University of South Carolina


Research Interests

Relative quantitative determination of changes in protein abundance.

Determination of protein localization and the determination of temporal changes in protein expression patterns.

These applications have elucidated important biological processes that play integral roles in microbially mediated bioenergy production, bioremediation, and carbon sequestration. Additionally, the comparison of proteomic data across a variety of microorganisms has allowed the determination of proteins that are necessary for life and those that define the lifestyle of a class of microbes. Such insights will have impact on understanding microbial function across the “Tree of Life” as well as in the emerging field of synthetic biology.






Lipton, Mary S.
WSU-PNNL Joint Appointment
Research Professor
(509) 372-XXXX
PNNL, MSIN:  K8-98


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